Choosing a job

Getting and keeping a job is tricky for everyone at the moment. Aspies have a lot to think about before they start applying!

I spent years thinking it would all click into place if I just kept trying and telling myself that I could do sales and customer service and talk to people on the phone. It didn’t happen. Don’t kid yourself! There is a place for you, you just have to know what you’re looking for.

The Aspie job hunter’s tick list

Genuine passion is the best motivator!

Aspies often have a particular passion and if this passion can translate to a career so much the better!

This is where education really matters. I don’t mean your qualifications – I mean you need to know your options. You may not be able to see how your hobby could become a career but very often they can and it just takes a little research online or even at the library to find out.

The type of employer matters, enormously!

I started out working in large organisations – why? This makes no sense! Open plan offices, lots of new people, lots of noise (from phones and people chatting). Awful!

Small companies, small offices (or even cubicles at a push) and small teams are the way forward. Two or three new people are so much less frightening than five, or eight, or twenty, or two hundred!

Specialise or die!

Aspies are natural experts and detailed workers. Mindless jobs are a waste of our talents and boring too. Your self-esteem (and ego) will benefit if you can specialise in something.

University or college courses, on-the-job training and personal research will help you perform and increase your job satisfaction.

Psst! Need tips for the interview?


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