Speaking of success

In my last post I was giving some (very) basic advice on how to approach scary situations such as job interviews or meeting potential clients. Since publishing, I’ve had a meeting with a potential client who has become a new client and I did it by following my own advice.*

* I also prepared a lot. I updated my portfolio so that it looked good and had great new content and I read about the client I was visiting to get an idea of what was required.

Now I’ve sent a follow-up email to let them know I enjoyed meeting them and that I’m looking forward to working with them.

Think that sounds corny? Perhaps, but how else will they know that I’m keen and that I like them? Ever had a date that seemed to go really well and then they never called again? It’s like that! The meeting was the date and my follow-up email is the reassuring “let’s do this again” call.

So, let’s review the checklist:

  • Was I nervous? Yes.
  • Did I sweat too much, including from my palms to make the handshakes gross? Yes.
  • Did I lose sleep and find my digestive system worryingly affected? Yes.
  • Did I nail the interview anyway, just because I was well prepped and visualised success? Yes.

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