The joy of words

Words are about more than just communication for me. In fact, before I really thought about communicating and how good it could be, I was already obsessed with the idea of writing, reading and speaking words.

Before I could write I would draw squiggly lines to imitate the writing I saw. I loved to read books and I would reread old ones as well as looking for new ones every week. I liked to stay up as late as possible in my room just to keep reading. I would lie in bed or prop myself up on my beanbag to follow the adventures.

At school, when I was very young and only just learning to read and write, I would vocalise the words I was thinking about instead. I didn’t know it was odd to be sat cross-legged in class whispering your favourite words over and over. Only when the teacher told me off did I look around and see everyone staring.

It was embarrassing but it didn’t kill my love of words. I can even remember the words I was whispering in that class. My favourite sounds at the time were ‘sp’ words. So I was sat there whispering “spare, space” to myself.

I’ve also found that many words hold strange associations for me. ‘Commission’ makes me think of maltesers, or, more specifically, it makes me think of the way a malteser feels when it’s in my mouth and the chocolate is melting but the honeycomb is still crisp.

‘Discussion’ sounds wonderful and is a great word to say. It also reminds me of cool vanilla flavoured desserts like cheesecake or crème brûlée.

I don’t understand why some words are so much better to say or imagine saying than others. I don’t understand why some have odd associations either. It seems illogical. Is it?

Luckily my obsession with words hasn’t always gotten me into trouble or left me wondering what the hell is wrong with me. It has also given me a purpose in life and a career.

Feel free to share your favourite words or strange word associations in the comments. Thanks.


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