Time out

It seems ironic that my last update was about coping with distractions and, here I am weeks later, finally adding a new post after several large distractions.

It’s amazing how holidays and weddings get in the way of blog writing – especially when there’s work to keep up with too. This morning was my first day back at work after a weekend in Kent for a wedding. That was the last major event for a couple of weeks so things should get back to normal. But not yet.


Today seems to have been a non-starter. I’ve got bits and pieces done but no serious ‘work’. I’m out of the office again on Wednesday for one of my regular distractions, tomorrow I have to do something else that’s not normally in my remit, and then I’ve got phonecalls to make (which I hate doing) and then more events towards the end of the month. It’s hardly surprising I feel so unsettled.

What I actually want to do is ignore all my commitments and go for a lie down with some comfy pyjamas on. Or bake cinnamon buns. Or possibly read a book.

Routine = productivity

All this reminds me how important it is for Aspies to have a proper routine. It makes life so much easier. The fewer breaks and changes there are, the easier it is for us to cope and do well.

As it is, my schedule for the week has convinced me I won’t get anything of value done before Thursday, when all of my big distractions for the week are behind me.

This is unproductive and annoying but it’s all I can cope with right now. I have cancelled my outing this evening to spend quality time with my sofa.

Is there a way for Aspies to do more or are we just stuck like this?


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