Riding the wave

If you read the last post you’ll probably be stunned to see that I made it to the other side (if there really is such a definitive thing as the other side). My meeting went really well, an event I attended also went well, and the ebook is nearly finished.

With the absence of immediate danger I’m feeling pretty relaxed about the whole ‘new client/gaining notoriety’ thing. There are now only a couple of small challenges to get out of the way (this evening and Monday) and then I can get back to my old habits. Picking up the work I had to drop a few weeks ago when my whirlwind started, and enjoying more ‘down time’.

To complete the analogy I started in the title (even though I don’t surf) I’m near the shore, the wave is much smaller now, but I haven’t fallen off yet. I’m looking forward to getting out of my wet suit and going inside for a hot chocolate.

Hopefully that’ll also mean I can get back to writing more varied blog posts, instead of harping on about stress, not being able to do everything I need to do, and being tired.

In the meantime I’d like to thank the people who’ve commented on and liked recent posts. Even for Aspies, a little online engagement is always gratifying.


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