A lot of people take the ability to communicate for granted, which seems crazy when you consider how many people struggle with one or more aspects of it. Deaf people can learn sign language but then have problems talking. Blind people can learn braille and speak clearly, but they miss visual cues such as body language and facial expressions that can make a big difference to what’s being said.

How do people who are deaf and blind cope? And what about people on the Autism spectrum who struggle for reasons that are less obvious?

What about the myriad other problems that affect people’s ability to communicate? There are so many physical and mental impairments that make us struggle to understand and be understood.

Even with Asperger’s, I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I’ve often struggled to get the words out, and there have been many times when I was misunderstood or that I misunderstood someone else. But I can talk. I can listen. I can see people’s faces if I really make the effort to look at them. I can write.

Adopt a Word

Are you one of the lucky ones? Have you overcome something to improve your communication skills? Well guess what – other people are still struggling right now! And it’s Christmas, so why not support a child with communication difficulties by visiting

For a small fee you can get an adoption certificate for a word of your choice. They make lovely gifts and you can get mugs and other things with your word on too. I’ve made my second adoption this year.


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