The baby bolt hole

One thing I think all Aspie’s are familiar with is the need to have a bolt hole to help them cope with parties and other noisy occasions. Sensory overload is a problem, making it hard to muster the energy and enthusiasm for socialising in very busy environments.

This is something we seem to share with newborns. Having a mind like a blank page (or a dry sponge) makes it easy for babies to get overloaded with sensory information. Then they can get upset and over tired. Sound familiar?

Some people know I need a bolt hole for certain occasions. Now everyone accepts that I may need to go somewhere quiet to feed the baby or take her home early if she gets upset. My child has provided me with an obvious excuse for escaping and we can both benefit from that.

Even so, I hope she grows out of this trait. I have no problem with Aspies (obviously) but I’d like her life to be easier than mine. Coping with parties would certainly help that.



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