It’s me.

After my last blog post (where I confessed to being a lousy employee who may or may not have a bad attitude) I was put to shame by one of my young colleagues.

There was a job which I was capable of doing but, for various reasons, I just couldn’t be bothered. I asked my colleague to do it, expecting him to make a fuss or point out that I could do it just as easily as he could. What I actually received was a short and sprightly email with his hearty agreement. He’d do it. No fuss. No hint of “O for goodness’ sake!”, no eye-rolling. Nothing. Just a big smiley “OK!”

I feel I ought to be like that. Then again – I did get out of doing something incredibly boring by not being that way. But I digress…

A lot of people love to moan about work, clients, customers, etc. A lot of people like to think, ‘it’s not me, it’s them’. Sometimes, it isn’t. Sometimes, it’s me.


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