Simple pleasures

My last post spoke about old fears but today I’m focusing on some simple, lifelong pleasures, which seem particularly ‘Aspie’.

Favourite words

I suspect a lot of people have favourite words that they like to say and listen to. My favourite words are often favourites because they hold associations. For example, ‘commission’, makes me think of maltesers; crisp, sweet and melting in the mouth. When I was very small and had less self-awareness I’d recite my favourite words while sat cross-legged on the floor in classes.

Orderly information

My first job was a summer role as a data entry clerk. I loved it. I was responsible for updating employee records and there was a lot of cross-checking of documents, filling in forms and little boxes. I remembered this today when I was asked to fill out a spreadsheet representing the flow of data across a website. I was in my element!

Beautiful things

Of course, orderly information and favourite words are beautiful things but this category is made for other forms. Japanese cuisine (because it has clean, fresh and simple flavours), classical sculpture (because of the sweeping lines and curves), and well written books (whole worlds within pages) spring to mind.

What are your simple pleasures?

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  1. Nice post! 🙂

    My simple pleasures are spending time with my dogs..Blogging..Reading 🙂

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