Bad Habits

Today I realised that most of my bad habits are only bad because of how much I do them. Before you get excited, I’m not talking about anything rude! I’m talking about drinking too much coffee, watching too much TV, and spending too much money on eating out and take aways.

My husband would say “Why worry? Enjoy your life!” And if that means drinking 2-3 coffees a day and eating out every lunchtime then so be it. I admit, it’s fun, that’s the main reason I do all these things. I only feel guilty because I know that caffeine is bad for me, eating out costs money, and watching TV is lazy.

So, what should I be doing? Packed lunches? Jigsaw puzzles and Kinect games in the evening? Buying decaf pods or just going cold turkey? Maybe.


  • My husband will want the TV on in the evening, even if we do have a jigsaw puzzle to do.
  • Packed lunches take time and planning. Plus you have to stay in the office to eat them, so where’s the break?
  • Coffee is my crutch – it gets me through work and it’s a valuable social tool for me. I unwind with coffee. I work with coffee. I meet friends for coffee. Decaf pods are harder to find.

I know, I sound lazy. I am! But maybe there’s a middle path I could try?

  • I could do packed lunches for half the week.
  • I could promise to have only 1 coffee a day and really savour it.
  • I could read a book while my husband is watching the TV.

I think I’ll give that a try. After all, if the habits are only bad by virtue of their quantity then I only have to cut down, not stop completely. And (tenuous Aspie link coming up) I know that I can make changes because I’ve done it before when I learnt better social skills.

Do you have bad habits and tired old excuses for not breaking them?


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