An old nemesis

For a long time now I’ve been too busy to write. My life is split between my part-time work as a copywriter and my round the clock work as a mum. Today, although I’m at the office, my mind is on the weekend and the return of what was once my nemesis: A mini break with my husband and his university friends.

It’s been almost eight years since my first encounter with these lovely people, and I really do mean lovely! I tell myself it will be fun, it will be nice to see them again. And yet… I’m still worried about it. First, the awkward greetings. They all want to hug when they meet up. Then it’ll be a case of managing the hours, trying to join in the conversations – even when there seem to be a hundred going on at once. There will also be children creating noise and distraction. I’ve volunteered to cook on the first night so I’ll be hoping I don’t screw it up. And finally, the awkward goodbyes, because of course you have to hug them all goodbye. Add to that the worry of looking after a teething baby and I’m inclined to think the weekend will be more tiring than fun.

I want to relax and enjoy it, and if I could stay drunk the whole time it might be possible. With a baby to look after, I’ll need to stay pretty sober, so, without the benefit of alcohol I have to deal with:

  1. Noise
  2. Conversation
  3. Physical contact
  4. Eye contact
  5. No personal space or time away from the group (apart from when I sleep)
  6. Catering for 18 people

No wonder I think of these weekends as an old nemesis, even though I like the people we’ll be staying with.

Will I ever face it without fear? Will hugging acquaintances ever seem anything but weird?

But I should count my blessings. At least this time I will be taking real coffee and we’re staying in a holiday cottage, so I won’t have the added awkwardness of trying to relax in someone else’s home. Maybe it will be more fun than I think.


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