Making connections

In Facebook groups and forums I’ve seen people with Asperger’s or other degrees of autism complain about the lack of support groups for adults. I’m not surprised there are a lack of resources for us, we’re a minority, and in some towns and villages you’re lucky to get a coffee shop so why expect an adult autism support group?

What does surprise me is that they consider it a problem because they can’t meet other Aspies face-to-face. At least online you don’t have to worry about making eye contact and whether it’s OK to ask someone out for a coffee. And since many of these people appear to be tech-savvy, why not use Skype, or Google hangouts to create a face-to-face group, if that’s what you want.

I prefer to blog – I feel as if I’m talking to people, but really it’s very one-sided. I don’t have to think about how my words will be received or if I’ll offend anyone. I don’t have to worry about interesting a specific person. I just write what’s on my mind and sometimes I get comments, likes, or follows from it.

I’m also a fan of this Youtube vlog. This guy does the same thing but as a series of videos. I find him interesting and entertaining and he covers topics that interest me and make me feel connected. Sometimes he’ll say stuff that makes me think ‘Aha! So it’s not just me’. In this way, his vlog is a real support service, and all I need is an internet connection. I don’t have to drive somewhere and introduce myself to a room full of strangers to do this.

For more on internet connections, read this.


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