For a long time now my work has left me struggling to think clearly about anything else. I don’t think the hot weather helps, either. Every day at work I sit and churn out words like part of a production line. Or I edit images, or upload content, or sort out formatting by jigging about the HTML, or I process invoices… and so it goes on. The opportunity to really stretch my brain doesn’t come along very often. Likewise, on my days off, it’s an endless stream of ‘activity’. I am looking after my toddler, a production line of mealtimes, playing, going for walks and trying to get housework done.

When I do stop for a breather, my mind is blank. The creative vapours are replaced by fragments of pop tunes and thoughts like ‘I must remember to…’.

I used to have an interior monologue that would come up with blog posts, ideas for novels, short stories, philosophical considerations. Now I come up with shopping lists and idle remembrances of what I saw on TV last night. Consequently you’ll have to forgive my sporadic posting here. I’d write more if my brain weren’t so useless.

I am hopeful that it’s only because I’m out of practice. My constant busyness has simply got me out of my natural rhythm.

Would you like to help a fellow Aspie out? Suggest a topic or ask a question.

In the meantime, I’ll try and get my thinking cap on.


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