My life has a structure. My days are either with my daughter or at work, that is the main division in my life, the primary organising principle. Days with my daughter are split into activities, meal, and sleep times. Days at work are split between clients and activity types. This continuous stream of order doesn’t leave much space for chaos. The word only occurs to me now because of some of my clients.

As a writer, my view of each project is only part of the picture. I glean other snippets from colleagues, but my principal understanding is of the content requirements. In my mind there is no need for disruption, confusion, or chaos, and yet…

Things keep changing. Data and requests come in that don’t make sense. Resources are reissued, without change, with no explanatory comment.

I receive each new task with a sense of bewilderment. I complete my work, and wait for the next round of confusion.

Is it because I only see part of what goes on, or are some of my clients genuinely running around like headless chickens? If so, what has caused this chaos? Is it a lack of resource, or logic?

I am perplexed by chaos because I cannot see any good reason for it.

So, this is my post today. No insight. Just confusion shared.



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