Starting equal

In Finland, all expectant mothers get a box full of essentials to prepare them for their new arrival. I love this idea. Each baby gets the same box of stuff, whether they’re from a rich family or a poor one, whether they’re sick, disabled, or healthy. If you’re born in the same year as someone who becomes a movie star, you will know that they wore the same sleep suits.

This sign of equality reminds me that in an essential way, we are all the same. I use this blog to talk about differences. Today I am thinking about how we are alike.

As an Aspie, I’ve found it hard to develop relationships and feel connected to others. This is why I usually focus on social and emotional differences – because they are still a stumbling ground for me.

Now I am older I also know other people have their own problems. I’ve also learned that I take my own perceived ‘shortcomings’ a lot more seriously than others do.

I think everyone sees their own problems first, and is more forgiving of other people’s. This is a wonderful human characteristic.

We are all capable of perceiving our differences and our connections, regardless of what colour sleep suits you wore. Why not choose to think about the connections for a while?


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