Flirting with change

If any of you have read my last three posts, you may have noticed I’m a bit concerned with work. Also, thanks!

Today, I marched into the office wearing a smart outfit, and sat down at my desk with a mission. Please note, I almost never bother to take the time to be smart. I do not march, either. I usually sit at my desk and wonder what I’ll be doing in between coffee breaks. So, what’s new?

I am considering re-training for a new career. I will always love copywriting and I will always want to do it but my personal circumstances (i.e. the fact that I hate meeting people and don’t live in London) mean it will probably never be a good full time career option for me. So, I’m thinking about studying for a new qualification and getting up close and personal with numbers instead of letters.

At the moment I am full of enthusiasm but I know there will come a time, probably about 8pm on Friday, when I want to stare at Eastenders instead of my laptop, when I’ll rub my eyes and say “maybe tomorrow?”.

But, I know I’m good with numbers. I know I’m analytic. I know I have a good eye for detail. If I can just fight my innate laziness surely…

Today I am flirting with change. By next week, we might be engaged!



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