Sick toddlers and other excuses

My last post was full of hope and now, a mere two weeks later, I have regained that enthusiasm.

I am still planning to immerse myself in a new course and a new professional direction, but what’s kept me stalling is a long list of waiting for questions to be answered, dealing with inane tasks that seem to fill my life now, and a sick toddler who would NOT take her afternoon naps.

It’s little excuses like these that explain why so many ‘important’ jobs don’t get done for months on end.

About two months ago we went camping for one night. When we came home, we knew we’d have to wait for dry weather to unpack our tent, dry it, and repack it hygienically. The weather has been dry and hot almost without break since that day. Where is the tent? Still festering in the garage.

It’s this self-knowledge that makes me wonder, will I still be planning on starting that course in three months’ time?

Is anybody out there good at just getting on with stuff?

On the plus side, I am in the office today and I have the perfect opportunity. I could do it!

I will be sure to update you all when I’ve started! (Assuming you can wait that long.) (Assuming there’s anybody waiting.)

Write soon?


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