Looking for the next wave

I struggled with the title for this post. I wanted something pithy – I even hoped to come up with something humorous – but nothing seemed a good fit. Well, apart from that one idea I had which was about a paragraph long.

Anyway, all of this rambling is leading up to me saying that I need more energy. And more enthusiasm. And possibly a kick up the bum. The past few weeks have armed me with a long list of valid reasons why I’m not full of energy and zest for life. I’m sick. The toddler is sick. The weather is gloomy (well, duh, it’s December and I live in the UK)! My course is hard. I have too much to organise. My housework is eating into my valuable downtime…


This is life. Life is always complicated and there will always be something happening and, probably, something not quite tickety-boo. If I could just harness that magical energy source…you know, the one that never ends!

So, my title is a surfing analogy. I am waiting for a wave to carry me. I am waiting for an external force to give me a boost. Unfortunately, among my friends and family I am usually the one giving other people energy and encouragement. And I should be able to find what I need from within.

My life is not at a standstill. The studies are progressing and I’m still working and almost keeping on top of the housework and toddler care. Things aren’t really that bad. I just have all these little niggles that chip away at me.

My solution? Tonight I am going out for drinks and a burger. I am going to see my best friend.

After that…I think I’ll have to keep plugging away until the next wave appears.

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