Team building

Do any two words put together cause more consternation for someone with Asperger’s?

A few years ago I was told I had to attend a team lunch. I actually trailed behind the group and went AWOL, telling them I’d received a phone call and then forgotten where I was meant to be going. Of course, that was when I worked somewhere I really hated. The whole team didn’t like me, and I grew to dislike them very quickly. No bonding lunch would have ever improved things.

Now I work with a good team – I do like them, at work. What I don’t like, is anything outside of work. A social lunch, or after-work drink is awkward. What’s worse, is the latest idea for our team bonding day. The latest idea is – wait for it – bubble football. I am being asked to actively hurl myself against people I work with and only vaguely know, but because we’re all in inflatable bubbles, apparently that’s fine.

I wouldn’t want to play bubble football with anyone – least of all people I need to face up to at work every day. It won’t bring us closer together, or make me want to open up more and include these people in my life. We’re colleagues. There is and should be a line of professionalism between us.

In the past (in my present team) I’ve gone canoeing and clay pigeon shooting. This is fine. No physical contact or eye contact required.

What’s the worst team building experience you’ve ever had? Have you ever made a terrible excuse to get out of one?

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