Spring change

Like all good Aspies, I do appreciate having a set routine, but with the spring sunshine making me feel extra happy, I’ve also been thinking about making some improvements.

First, I thought I needed a hobby. Hmm, restart yoga or take up the piano? Then I thought, it’s too far to walk to yoga and it’ll be expensive. And where would I go to learn piano? And when would I be able to practice?

Then I remembered I had my accountancy training, which I wanted to spend more time on. Maybe I don’t have time for a hobby?

My husband suggested I do more baking and make that my hobby. I’m not sure our waistlines will cope, but it is fun, especially when I can get my daughter involved.

Then I thought about spending more time in the garden. I’d love to get the lawn mowed, and plant some herbs and vegetables. But I hate getting mucky, I hate worms and spiders and most other creepy crawlies.

So, what do I change? Can drinking wine be a hobby?

How do you choose your hobbies?

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