Success, stress, and a trip to A&E

It’s always satisfying when I find a concise way of summarising my life – as with today’s blog title. Regular readers (I hope there may be a few) will remember that a few weeks ago I was worrying about a play date.

This time, my fears were unfounded, but I have yet to receive a return invitation and I don’t know if that’s a bad thing or not. My daughter liked the little boy who came over. I thought I’d got on well with the mother, and with the boy to an extent. Should I be worried? Should I invite them again anyway?

I’m also worried about work. It always seems as if the things that worry me most, are things I can do nothing about. Yet I still waste energy thinking about them when I should be focussing on what I can do, and catching up with my studies. Maybe I’m just using these things to help me procrastinate.

What else? O yes, the trip to A&E.

Having spent months suffering a cough that has given me constant muscle-ache in my right side, I was finally diagnosed and given antibiotics.

These made me very ill, so, my husband drove me to A&E where I spent the short wait alternately visiting the toilet and crying because my mum is nearly 70 and this makes me very sad.

Now I have new antibiotics and two weeks with no alcohol, hoping that my cough will finally get lost.

I also have my mum’s birthday party to look forward to, some outings with friends, and yoga once a week, so it’s not all bad.

And breathe…

PS. If you have any tips for relaxing that don’t involve alcohol, I’d love to hear about them in the comments! Thank you.


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