A challenge

When I contemplate drastic change, I tend to consider it briefly, I don’t want to linger. I sweep my thoughts out of sight and try to think of something in the present. But that is only because I imagine bad changes. I’m scared of all the terrible things that could happen to me and those I love. What I hardly ever stop to contemplate, is a good change. And yet, why not? I call myself an optimist. I began this blog purely to show the upside of life with Asperger’s – surely, the actions of an optimist? I do not allow a gloomy outlook.

But it is hard to remain an optimist this year. Events here and abroad – I know I don’t need to name specifics – have given me real cause for fear. I have no doubt, millions of others are also doing their best, not to be weighed down by a sense of defeat or hopelessness.

But when we look away from our newsfeed, and remember our personal sphere, isn’t there a lot of good remaining?

Today I heard some surprising news. It could change my whole life. It could change many things I took for granted. But I am not afraid, only excited and hopeful. This news will make my future path more uncertain. It will cause me to worry. I am going to be challenged. I do not mind.

I am ready.


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