From under the rock

I can only apologise. I have been hiding from life, and that means hiding from my readers and the blog too. This week, I am trying to crawl back out from under the rock. And what is the rock? Well, in my case, it is the first trimester of pregnancy.

Yes, I have been exhausted, sick, overwhelmed, emotional and my brain has been a lot mushier of late. I am happy to be having another baby, but quite frankly, the first three months can fuck off. I have been forgetting my work. I have been too tired even to send emails. I have taken the wrong turning three times now on journeys I know well.


Eight days ago I turned the page on my calendar and saw Bird on the Wire by Jack Vettriano. This image struck a cord – a strong looking woman standing alone. “Yes!” I thought, “I need to be strong again!”.

One day ago, I read a blog post by Chris Nicholas, and that also inspired me, so thank you. You are right, we do need to be grateful and we do find strength in the people around us.

Today, in the UK, we held our general election. I have spent the last eight weeks reading manifestos, complaining about all the flyers, and wavering. Today I was forced to choose – no more hiding behind my mushy brain – time to decide once and for all.

And so, I am starting to crawl out. I am starting to re-join the real world.

  1. Welcome back. Tack your time. Don’t rush things and just ease yourself back in 🙂

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