Feeling inspired

You may guess from the title, today I am feeling good. The sun is shining (but not too hot), I had fun with my voluntary work yesterday, and I’ve finally restarted my accountancy studies and they’re going well too.

In the spirit of “making hay while the sun shines”, I have decided to add another project to my list. I am going to start writing again! I don’t mean the blog, although I want that to continue as well. I am thinking about doing some short stories and entering competitions. It’s the sort of thing I’ve dabbled in, about a decade ago, and somehow now feels like a good time to start again.

My pregnancy has forced me to stop job hunting, but I still want to feel that I’ve achieved something. Something that lasts longer than a tidy kitchen (about 10 minutes in our house), or a homemade cottage pie (also about 10 minutes). Something I can show to my children as they get older to make them think about all the things they could do.

Life is creative. Life wants us to be creative. Let’s create!

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