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The title of this post is a little misleading. I don’t mean ‘can I stop worrying about everything?’. I’m just talking about one specific issue.

What worried me (and still does worry me a little), is that my daughter might be on the autistic spectrum. I don’t know if asperger’s is definitely heritable but I think I might have got it from my mother so I was concerned I might pass it on. Now, almost nine weeks after giving birth, my little girl is showing every sign of being a very sociable person. She loves making eye contact and having someone to play with and pay attention to her. She also makes a lot of noises as she tries to talk.

Does this mean she’s definitely clear, or can asperger’s develop later?

Right now I’m bursting with pride and feeling pretty confident about her future. Should I still look out for signs of autism, or can I relax about this particular aspect of her life?