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You may be wondering why I’ve called this blog ‘acceptable face’. It’s a reasonable question.

For most of my life I’ve felt more like the ‘unacceptable face’ of all kinds of things. The unacceptable face of a girl and then a woman. The unnacceptable face of humanity. The unacceptable face of whatever job or life role I happened to inhabit. It’s OK though, this blog isn’t going to be depressing. I’m a lot more upbeat than you’re probably thinking now. That’s why this blog is called ‘acceptable face’, because I’ve realised I don’t care so much what people think and I’m not too worried about conforming anymore.

Having said that, I’m going to remain anonymous here. I’m taking a leaf out of Japan’s and China’s book to keep my¬†personal¬†opinions anonymous and distinct from my public persona. It’s not that I’m ashamed, I just have too much common sense!

I hope you can excuse my need for a mask. It will allow me to speak openly and honestly, which I couldn’t do any other way.