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I’ve been thinking a lot about my career lately, and how I’ve always felt kind of disappointed with it. I’ve been in the world of work for just over a decade and things never quite seem to click.

Even now, I’m doing something I love (being a copywriter) but I still feel like I’m running against a brick wall because of my Asperger’s.

I chose past roles with the aim of improving myself and working on my natural limitations. This meant team work, dealing with members of the public, sales, everything that doesn’t come naturally to me.

Now, my role is more suitable, but because I am partly freelance, my Asperger’s is getting in the way of getting clients. So, when I’m busy, everything is wonderful. But when I’m not, I feel like I’ve failed and my life has no purpose. And work really does seem to be full on or dead at the moment. I have a week being busy and then three being flat. There’s no consistency in my workload and no consistency in my job satisfaction.

How has being an Aspie affected your career? Are you walled in or did you break free?